Laura High Class Escort Model

Details about Laura

  • Age: Late twenties
  • Smoking: Tolerant non-smoker
  • Cuisine: italian, japanese
  • Drinks: Wine
  • Clothing style: Casual, Elegant
  • Lingerie: La Perla
  • Perfume: Hermés
  • Occupation: Student


  • Height: 1,65m
  • Hair color: brown
  • Eye Color: brown
  • Bra Size: 65 B
  • Dress Size: 36
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Conversation: German, English, Portuguese, Spanish

A Few Words About Laura

Laura is a very unique female full of passion as well as sexiness. Extreme yet delicate and very sensuous. I was currently thrilled by Laura during our video clip phone call. The elite companion model from Perfume has a positive and also happy mood. This was verified when we fulfilled in person.
The enthusiasm proceeded when I saw her approaching me in her classy yet informal white trouser suit.

We met for lunch and the time just zipped. Laura is very humorous as well as entertaining. We talked about all sort of subjects; this young woman stumbles upon as really interested as well as you simply really feel at ease as well as comfy with her.

When asked why this yoga teacher wish to seek the interest of occasionally getting on the adventure of superior escorting, she answered as follows:

” It’s an exchange of energies, I like sexiness, I like flirting and also even more I like making my equivalent really feel great, treating him as well as making him satisfied.”

Laura has a beautiful and distinctive mouth. Her smile is enchantingly sweet and sexy at the same time. Whereby I personally believe that Laura is anything but sweet behind closed doors. 🙂 Laura has smooth, glossy hair as well as delicate olive coloured skin. With the light top that she wore, you might quickly see her firm and also tender busts. Her body is toned as well as well developed. The fact that Laura does yoga daily is very recognizable.

A few words from High Class Escort Laura

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